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M-A Character Application: Kyuu by Onigiri-DragonBoat
M-A Character Application: Kyuu


 Kyuu ('Q')


Age: 15


Gender: Female


Nature: Impish


Characteristic: Alert to Sounds


Ability: Blaze


Affinity: :star::star: (2)


Field: Magic


Rank: 1




+ Gentle

+ Positive

+ Mischievous/Humorous

+ Good Listener


Kyuu is a soft spoken, but playful individual with a positive outlook on most anything. She is at times a little awkward, simply because she has not spent all that much time in the presence of people other than her family, but once comfortable around you, her sweet and mischievous personality shine through. 

She loves to listen to others, and is always quick to pipe up with questions or ideas, though if she is not familiar with you may simply choose to listen without speaking. Her eyesight is not the best (since her eyes are mostly squinted) so she relies on her other senses to work out who’s speaking to her. Sometimes she gets mixed up, so try not to take offense XD. 

Kyuu has a good sense of humour and loves to tease and be teased by people she’s comfortable with, but some areas she is very sensitive about.


- Irritable 

- Hostile/Distant 

- Quiet

- Shy/Withdrawn


Despite being generally mellow, it is possible for her to get irritated and/or angry when she is already feeling a little moody or down, and it is not advisable to get on her bad side, if only because she can be very hostile to those she does not like. She can also appear somewhat distant to those she is not familiar with, since Kyuu often chooses not to speak or add to the conversation unless comfortable with the other participants. Lastly, she can be quite antisocial at times, usually resulting in a quiet and irritable demeanour (particularly on cold or snowy days). During these times it is best to give her some space, but as long as she is allowed to simply watch and listen without being directly addressed, you won’t get snapped at.





Born into a small family of four as the youngest child, Kyuu was raised in a simple and quiet home several leagues away from the city of Altair, in a small cottage on their family farm. In her younger years, when she wasn’t helping to plant and harvest, Kyuu could often be found listening to her older brother as he taught her all about various things, from reading and writing to how bird pokémon flew in the sky. She gained a particular interest in the varying types of energy found in their world, ranging from Aura to Magic itself, but had no thoughts of pursuing this interest until later in her life.


When Kyuu was still quite young, she and her brother were caught in a snowstorm when they were out exploring the plains together. The older sibling sheltered his sister as best he could, and together the two weathered out the blizzard safely. However, Kyuu’s brother weakened and grew ill from the cold, eventually passing away peacefully. This left Kyuu incredibly saddened and mourning for a long while, but she was eventually cheered by her parents’ gentle encouragement, and by the passing of time. Occasionally, in bad times, the memory of that freezing night still comes back to her, and to ward off the cold feelings her mother gave her the scarf and beanie she wears today.


Her interest in magic grew exponentially after seeing the damage done by the snowstorm to the farm and surroundings. She began to wonder how magic might be used to benefit agriculture and nature, and to help rebuild after occurrences such as natural disasters and storms. With this, Kyuu would often make the long distance into Altair to visit the library, reading and learning from the books there. Though small and lacking in strength, she practiced as best she could, and succeeded in creating her very own move.


Once her parents learned of how she wished to continue cultivating her skills, they sent her off with their blessings to the Altairan Academy. To this day they send her berries and other home-grown foods that remind her of home, and always encourage her to visit them when she can.

Common Moves:


:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack

:iconfiretypeplz: Ember

:iconnormaltypeplz: Smokescreen


Custom Moves:


:iconfiretypeplz: Cinders


This move takes its base from ‘Ember’ (semi-combined with smokescreen) and produces tiny, glowing cinders that nestle into the user’s fur or swirl gently around them. Whilst not particularly useful as an attack it can light up very small areas and act as a form of decoration. Kyuu first had the inspiration for this move after sneezing, and though it may not seem like much, she is incredibly proud to have created it on her own.




01 – Magic I

02 – Battle & Tactics

03 – Trap setting & Evasion

04 – Field Science

05 – Visual Arts

06 – Basic Alchemy





Strength: :star:


Defence: :star::star:


Speed: :star::star::star::star:


Intelligence: :star::star::star:


Wisdom: :star:





:bulletred: Kyuu hopes to become a researcher some day, and in the meantime wants to nurture her magic and strengthen herself.


:bulletorange: She has an extra crimson spot higher up at the base of her neck similar to the ones on her back, but it doesn’t blow fire unless she is extremely emotional.


:bulletyellow: She keeps a small piece of charcoal wrapped around her left leg, as a sort of safety blanket and reminder to do her best.


:bulletgreen: Kyuu tends to hide food and other odd bits and bobs (anything she finds interesting) inside the folds of her scarf. The scarf is also a little bit singed near the edges and around the back.


:bulletblue: If it is an especially warm day and Kyuu has no need for the red scarf, she will replace it with a neckerchief of the same colour. She does not take the beanie off, as it was her brother’s.


:bulletpurple: Her older brother’s name was Whiskey.



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